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  • The Athlete Program: Home Workout #3

    Another home workout for all of us to do while we do our part for the society and #StayHome. We've got JT at home today, no equipment required. A mix of Handstand Push Ups, Push Ups and Dips will get our arms fired up.
  • The Athlete Program: Home Workout #2

    This week Libby Bearman from The Athlete Program prepared for us Elizabeth at Home, with and without equipment. Get ready for air squats or cleans and dips combined with Superman hold. Short, but spicey.
  • The Athlete Program: Home Workout #1

    This week we have Diane at Home in two versions: with no equipment and with limited equipment, in case you have dumbbells or kettlebells lying around the house. All workout considerations are written in the article by Libby Bearman.
  • TAP Tuesdays #11

    This week we have a workout that can easily be done at home with minimum equipment. Devils press and box jumps are on the menu. Give it a sweaty go!
  • 7 immune system boosters

    We compiled 7 tips to answer the burning question of how to build up your immune system, including answers to: what can you take to boost your immune system, does alcohol lower the immune system and does working out help your immune system.
  • TAP Tuesdays #10

    Stop! Burpee time! This week we've got a 12 min EMOM from The Athlete Program. You start with a 10/7 cal row and then use the remaining time for burpees over erg. Your score will be the total number of burpees. It sounds spicy because it is.
  • TAP Tuesdays #9

    This week Libby Bearman is bringing you a mix of alternating single arm devils press exercises, toes to bar and double unders. You have scaled versions with knees to chest or knee raises and single unders. Check out all the workout considerations in the a
  • Testimonial by Coach David Meer

    I have always struggled with switching my brain off. This, in turn, has affected my sleep, my recovery and my gut health, which are all interlinked. When I add stress into the mix this whole situation will multiply, and then we are dealing with our old fr

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