2019 Battle Cancer Manchester through the eyes of MC Shona

The 2018 Battle Cancer Manchester edition saw a huge crowd of people coming together again, to stand strong in front of the horrible disease that cancer is. We had the pleasure of talking to a lot of the people attending the event.

One of them is Shona Denovan, the Battle Cancer MC. She shared with us her personal story and how different the two Battle Cancer events so far have been for her. In 2017 she was MCing with a heart full of hope for her father who was batteling cancer to overcome his condition. In 2018 she came back to the floor as an MC, but with a heart full of sorrow after loosing her father. She confessed how painful the experience has been, but how much power it gives her to be there and support others that might be going through similar experiences.

Shona is a Personal Trainer and Crossfit Coach in Glasgow. She has been training in Crossfit for 7 years. She has  competed in Strongwoman and Weightlifting. Before getting into fitness she was an Actress. "So I combined my loves of Fitness and being centre of attention and became a Crossfit competition MC."

Watch Shona's vlog and full story of the Battle Cancer Manchester day and read more about her story in the interview below.

PRGNX: How has cancer affected you personally? 
Shona: My Dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in 2016. He passed away almost a year later in October 2017. He was 71. 

PRGNX: How did you get over your loss? 
Shona: I don’t think you ever get over your loss. However, I think over time you manage to cope with the pain a bit better. Sometimes it catches you completely unawares like a punch to the stomach when you think you are doing Ok. 

PRGNX: What's your connection to Battle Cancer? 
Shona: I hadn’t met Scott or Pete before I travelled down to Manchester for the first BC. I think it’s fate that we came into each other’s life’s when we did. I’m so thankful they chose me to be the Battle Cancer MC and what they’ve done is incredible. 

PRGNX: How did you find Battle Cancer this year compared to last year? 
Shona: The first ever Battle Cancer will always have a special place in my heart. Obviously there’s a different feeling for me because last year my Dad was still battling cancer at the time. He was so proud of me for being involved in such an amazing event. This year was a lot more difficult but if he taught me anything it’s to keep my chin up and keep smiling. 

PRGNX: Is being an MC for Battle Cancer different than MC-ing for other events?
Shona: I love being a Crossfit MC because I get all the excitement of competing in Crossfit without sweating! Battle Cancer is one of the most fun, exciting and entertaining competitions out there. We have THE BEST DJ Nadia Lucy who gets everyone dancing all day long.

PRGNX: How would you describe Battle Cancer to a person that's never heard of it? 
Shona: A super fun Crossfit competition where people come together to raise money to Battle Cancer.

PRGNX: Whom would you say Battle Cancer is for? 
Shona: Well the obvious answer would be everyone. The statistics say that at some point in your life you are going to be directly or indirectly affected by Cancer. It’s a horrible disease that devastates families. Getting involved in and raising money for Battle Cancer to donate to cancer charities is getting us a step closer to fighting it.
You also don’t have to be an elite Crossfitter to take part. Just grab 3 pals from your gym, sign up and get ready to have an absolute blast!

PRGNX: What sort of impact would you like Battle Cancer to have on the long run?
Shona: Battle Cancer raises money to donate to Cancer charities but it also brings people together in the most positive environment. I had an overwhelming feeling that I wasn’t alone - I was with people who had also lost loved ones. There’s also people there who have fought Cancer and won which is really heartening. 

PRGNX: As a person that went through the hardship of loosing somebody so dear and close, what's the best advice you can give to someone that's lost a dear person to cancer as well? 
Shona: Be kind to yourself and stay busy. Talk and share with your friends and family. In times like this you discover who your real friends are so surround yourself with those people. I also found that there are special unicorn people out there that reach out to those who are sad. Let those people in. I’ve made a few great new friends. 

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