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TAP Tuesdays #10

This week, our regular TAP Tuesdays series from The Athlete Program has a slight twist: The snapshot is actually the fourth workout from The European Championships. And not only that, it doubles up as the first qualifier for the next individual competition.


WEEK TEN: The European Championships online qualifier, brought to you by The Athlete Program



12min EMOM


10/7 cal row

In the remainder of the minute, athletes complete max effort over erg burpees


Score = total burpees


All athletes who completed this workout at The European Championships finals in February may submit their score for the online qualifiers in April.


An EMOM with minimal rest

With EMOMs being a good way to judge pacing, they’ve featured in our TAP Tuesdays posts before. However, this week’s workout is a little different with it being a qualifier. 


Although still very much interval-based, a short transition time is required between getting off the rower and getting down on to the floor for the first over erg burpee in order to get a better score. Having said that, 12 minutes is a long time to go HAM, and so pacing is necessary to avoid burning out before that final buzzer goes.


Workout Considerations 

At 3-2-1-Go, the athlete must complete the prescribed number of calories on the rower - 10 cals for males, 7 cals for females. Only when the calorie counter ticks over to that number may the athlete remove their feet from the rower and begin the burpees.


Developing a good rowing technique takes some practice, but understanding the actual drive or force part of the stroke is a good place to start! The athlete begins with their arms straight when initially pulling on the rower’s handle. The shins are vertical, and their shoulders are engaged over the hips without being hunched. Power comes from pressing the legs, levering the back and shoulders over the hips from that forward position, and then pulling with the arms in a straight line toward the lower ribs. The core should remain engaged, as should the shoulders, with the legs fully straightening to finish the stroke. 


When performing the over erg burpee, the athlete’s chest should touch the floor. After they push up, they can laterally jump over the rower, landing with both feet, and then begin the next rep. Full extension through the hips and torso is not required, nor is a clap. Ideally, athletes will remain low and stay as close to the rower as possible through reps to stay efficient, and prepare themselves for a gassy workout!


About TAP Tuesdays

Each week, Libby Bearman of #TeamTAP will deliver workouts and training tips straight from the experienced coaches who make up The Athlete Program, a structured fitness training program created to help both seasoned pros and those new to competing reach their true potential in fitness.


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