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The Athlete Program: Workout #1

Welcome to 2021’s first instalment of our feature from The Athlete Program. Each week, Libby Bearman of #TeamTAP will deliver a workout from one of the training tracks along with tips from the experienced coaches who make up this world-renowned structured fitness training programming.

Suitable for both those new to competing  as well as seasoned pro competitors, The Athlete Program is designed to help anyone looking to reach their true potential in fitness. 

Give this workout a try and share your results online!

A Heavy MetCon from the Complete Program

3 rounds

For time

18min cap

15x deadlifts (140/95kg)

100x double unders

In remaining time: establish a max. clean

Scaling Options

Athletes who are still learning how to do double unders should sub for singles but increase the number of reps to 150. The deadlift weight can be adjusted to reflect around 80% of an athlete’s one rep max should the Rx feel too heavy. Those who are competent with both of these movements should aim to complete the three rounds in under 12 minutes.

Workout Considerations

Those who are competent with a skipping rope and a heavy barbell should aim to complete the three rounds in under 12 minutes. It’s a good idea to warm up the cleans before the workout begins rather than rushing to do so after the three rounds. Three-to-five attempts to establish a max should be the goal.

Workout Benefits

The deadlift benefits can be numerous - from building core strength and core stability to improving one's posture. While deadlifting, you the muscles will benefit will be in the legs, core and lower back. And these are actually the muscles that are are in charge of your shoulders, spine, hips alignment.

When it comes to double unders, the benefits will be huge - ranging from fat loss, speed, coordination, agility and conditioning. 

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