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The Athlete Program: Workout #2

This week’s workout from The Athlete Program follows the Elite track. Each week, Libby Bearman of #TeamTAP delivers a workout for us along with tips from the experienced coaches who make up this world-renowned structured fitness training programming.

The Athlete Program is designed to help anyone looking to reach their true potential in fitness, and is suitable for both those new to competing  as well as seasoned pro competitors.


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A Sweaty Chipper from the Elite Program

For time

50x bar facing burpees

50cal air bike

50x power cleans 35/25kg

50cal air bike

50x power cleans 35/25kg

50cal air bike

50x bar facing burpees

Scaling Options

Although the barbell is light, it is perfectly acceptable to scale the weight in order to complete sets of ten power cleans unbroken. Ideally, the burpees and calories shouldn’t be scaled, however the burpees can be stepped instead of using the double-footed take-off and landing. 

Workout Considerations

If the calories on the bike feel intimidatingly high, aim to jump straight on and start pedalling, allowing the first 20-30 seconds to be a recovery pace. Look to increase the RPM over the next 60-90 seconds, and then maintain 7/10 effort as a minimum. Cycling the barbell and completing the burpees will tax the lungs and legs, so the bike almost needs to be seen as a chance to recover, or at least even out the heart rate a little. 

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