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The Athlete Program: Workout #3

For anyone looking to reach their true potential in fitness, The Athlete Program is designed to help seasoned athletes and those new to competition. Here’s a sample workout from the Complete Program, with a focus on barbell efficiency and gymnastics.


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Alternating rounds of push and pull from the Elite Program


12x E3MOM

Alternating rounds


Round One

12x overhead squat (52.5/35kg)

9x chest to bar

6x strict HSPU to 4” deficit


Round Two

12x over head squat (52.5/35kg)

9x toes to bar

6x bar muscle up


Scaling Options

It is perfectly fine to scale the weight of the barbell to get good, unbroken reps in this workout. The chest to bar can be subbed for pull ups, and although transitioning into a resistance band might take too long, box-elevated jumping pull ups would make a beneficial progression. The deficit in the handstand push ups can be reduced, or taken away altogether, or they can be subbed for pike/hand release press ups entirely. V-ups or ab mat sit ups can replace the toes to bar, and again, box-elevated jumping reps can replace bar muscle ups.


Workout Considerations

To start with at least, this should feel like a 90secs on / 90secs off workout - so equal (or close to) work and recovery. This may shift after rounds five and six, but a good pace should be maintained. That should help define the optimum weight, scale, or progression to use for this workout. The rig-work will feel difficult after the overhead squats. Try not to grip the barbell too tight, and break the gymnastics when you want to, not when you need to. Don’t work until failure and jeopardise performance.


Each week, Libby Bearman of #TeamTAP delivers a workout for us along with tips from the experienced coaches who make up this world-renowned structured fitness training programming.


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