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The Athlete Program: Workout #39

Another instalment of our weekly series; TAP Tuesdays. Brought to you by The Athlete Program, here’s a workout taken from the programs followed by #TeamTAP, so we can get a look at what they’re up to in the gym.


WEEK 39: From the Conditioning Program




60cal assault bike

50cal row

40cal assault bike

30cal row

20cal assault bike

10cal row


Between each round…

  10x burpees to 6” target

  10x wallballs (9/6kg)

  10x step down box jumps


A long, sweaty conditioning workout


Consider this an endurance workout, but not one that is particularly intense. Although the calories start high, they are an opportunity to practice pacing, and although the rep ranges of the movements between the ergs are low, they are an opportunity to perfect technique and practice efficiency.


Die to the low skill, some athletes may see this workout as almost meditative, pushing only to the prescribed 85% effort. More than Active Recovery, but not so energetic as to let the pace drop towards the end of the workout.


Workout Considerations


CrossFitters have a love/hate relationship with the assault bike (mostly hate!) and while this piece of equipment does favour the heavier and taller athletes, practice plays a big part too - and this workout has 120cals of practice. Setting up the bike properly also helps a great deal. The height of the seat should be set so that there is a slight bend in the knee when the pedal is at 6 o'clock with the ball of the foot sitting flat over the spindle. 


When pedalling, the knees should point in, not out, to help generate the most power. And instead of thinking about just pushing down with the legs, athletes should also “pull up” at the bottom of the push, moving the feet in circles. As the legs fatigue, the arms can also take on more work, again with a pulling as well as a pushing movement.


Similarly, this workout allows for the drilling of efficient rowing technique and longer intervals help develop and understanding of where the force of a rowing stroke can come from for the most impact. Power is generated through pressing the legs and levering the upper body back, but hinging at the hip, and favouring the arms shifts the demand across muscle groups to avoid fatigue.


About our TAP Workouts

Libby Bearman is a coach at Colchester Fitness Centre, and delivers regular #TeamTAP workouts and training tips straight from the experienced coaches who make up The Athlete Program. Ideal for both seasoned pros and those new to competing, this structured fitness training program is designed to help everyone reach their true potential in fitness.

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