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The Athlete Program: Workout #4

Another workout from The Athlete Program! This one’s from their Elite Program, which is a training schedule designed for athletes looking to peak for The Open. A mix of cardio and gymnastics, this is a good test of fitness.

Grab a buddy and have a race - who’ll get those GHDs done first?

An engine and skill-based metcon from the Elite Program

For Time

21 - 15 - 9

Calorie row

Handstand push ups

Calorie row

GHD sit ups

Scaling Options

In order to maintain the stimulus of the prescribed workout, and match the intensity of the Rx version, the rep range should be kept with the traditional 21, 15, and 9 format. The handstand push ups can be switched out for pike push ups, hand release press ups, or press ups. The GHD sit ups can be ab mat sit ups, or even crunches.

Workout Considerations

Holding a quick-but-maintainable pace on the rower will be the making or the breaking of this workout. Ideally the GHDs, or whichever variation is used instead, should be steady and unbroken, with the reserved energy to open up for a sprint finish at the end (watch out for motion sickness!).

This workout includes a fairly high number of handstand push ups, and so understanding what a working set should feel like, but taking into consideration how an elevated heart rate, and fatigued shoulders will impact that set, is important.



Each week, Libby Bearman of #TeamTAP delivers a workout for us along with tips from the experienced coaches who make up this world-renowned structured fitness training programming.


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