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The Athlete Program: Workout #40

Many of the athletes following The Athlete Program are riding out another lockdown, meaning their gym doors are once again closed. This week’s edition of our TAP Tuesdays series features a workout that can be performed with little or no equipment as a result. So if you find yourself in the same situation, and are looking for inspiration to get moving, look no further than #TeamTAP.


WEEK 40: From the Home Workout Program


Strength Session


3 sets at 3X3X tempo*

20x banded bicep curls, right arm

20x banded bicep curls, left arm

… then

3 sets at 3X3X tempo*

20x hammer curls, right arm

20x hammer curls, left arm

… then

3 sets at a slow, controlled pace

20x diamond push ups

… then

3 sets at 3X3X tempo*

20x seated overhead tricep extensions


* tempo is 3 second eccentric movement, no pause at the bottom of the rep, 3 second concentric movement, no pause before starting the next rep.

A “bro sesh” with time under tension

This workout relies on time under tension (TUT) to force the muscles to work harder therefore optimising muscular endurance and growth. Using the three-second tempo, the muscles are contracting for longer, which helps build strength. Slower movement also allows for perfecting technique and quality of movement for good reps and building muscular control. That transfers into improved posture, better stabilisation, and ultimately injury prevention.


The odd bro sesh - when a training session’s just about lifting heavy and feeling the benefit of every rep (and it’s far from being a male-only past time!) - can help push through plateaus and shake up a training routine, but athletes should be prepared for DOMS!


Workout Considerations

This TUT workout is all about speed… or rather a lack of. Adhering to the prescribed tempo will give the greatest effect, but it is also important to rest between sets as well as movements. Allowing around a minute between sets gives muscles time to recover before starting another round.


If athletes don’t have a band for banded bicep curls, light dumbbells, kettlebells, or even a tin of tomatoes will be a good substitute. The palms should face up, and meet the bicep for a full rep, with minimal movement through the hips (no kipping!). This also applies to the hammer curl, although the palms face inwards.


The diamond press ups will target the chest, back, and shoulders, and by tucking the elbows back through the rep (instead letting them flare out) the triceps will be working hard too. And this will make those extensions feel even more intense.



About our TAP Workouts

Libby Bearman is a coach at Colchester Fitness Centre, and delivers regular #TeamTAP workouts and training tips straight from the experienced coaches who make up The Athlete Program. Ideal for both seasoned pros and those new to competing, this structured fitness training program is designed to help everyone reach their true potential in fitness.

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