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The Athlete Program: Workout #41

As lockdown rolls on for many of the athletes following The Athlete Program, this week’s edition of the TAP Tuesdays series is another workout that can be performed at home. Options for full, limited, or no equipment mean that you can give this a go along with #TeamTAP if you’re waiting for your gym to reopen its doors.

WEEK 41: From the Home Workout Program


1 minute on each station for 3 rounds

Max effort reps

1- double unders*

2- gut busters

3- kettlebell swings**

4- mountain climbers

5- rest

* if no rope, substitute for jumping jacks

** if no kettlebell, substitute for dumbbells, a weighted rucksack, or another hand-held weight

A sweaty home workout

CrossFitters like to use interval training to judge pacing. Usually in an EMOM format (Every Minute On the Minute) with a prescribed movement with prescribed reps performed at the start of each minute, inside that minute, for a set amount of time. However, this circuit requires athletes to go “max effort” inside each minute, meaning they must do as many reps as possible inside that minute before moving on to the next movement. Athletes need to consider their transition times effectively between movements for maximum reps, and maximum consistency.

Workout Considerations

Double unders can be subbed for single unders if the athlete has a rope but isn’t proficient in double unders yet. That or jumping jacks will get the heart rate up quickly, as will the mountain climbers before the rest minute.

Kettlebell swings will allow athletes to get their breath back somewhat, but the gut busters are meant to be tough. To perform a gut buster rep:

10x high knees (5 on each side, alternating)

1x squat thrust

This workout will get gassy, this workout will hit the core, and this workout will serve to fatigue! Athletes are encouraged to push through the discomfort and enjoy the rest minute.


About our TAP Workouts

Libby Bearman is a coach at Colchester Fitness Centre, and delivers regular #TeamTAP workouts and training tips straight from the experienced coaches who make up The Athlete Program. Ideal for both seasoned pros and those new to competing, this structured fitness training program is designed to help everyone reach their true potential in fitness.

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