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The Athlete Program: Workout #38


Our weekly series from The Athlete Program provides a snapshot of some of the workouts #TeamTAP follows for a taster of what it’s like if you were to subscribe to their program. 

WEEK 38: From the Elite Program


Mixed intervals over 15 alternating rounds

(each within a two minute window)

Round One

10-15cal row + 10-15x thrusters (40/30kg)

Round Two

12-20x burpee box jump overs (24/20”)

Round Three

100x double unders*

*If required, scale to...

Single unders, but increase the reps to 150

A functional fitness workout with extra variety

The idea of this workout is to get gassed. A two minute window may seem like a long time compared to an EMOM, but the calories/reps for each round should be adjusted so that they take 90secs minimum, at least for the first three-to-six rounds. 

The upper and lower body will feel taxed quickly through this WOD. Pick a tough but maintainable rep range, and move steady. 

Workout Considerations

To account for transitions and at least a small breather, athletes are encouraged to stick to a 01:40 cut-off inside each window, at least for the first few rounds, which may require some scaling of weight or reps. Rowing and thrusters is considered by many to be a classic combo in CrossFit thanks to the named workout, “True Grit”, which is a CrossFit Mayhem Benchmark WOD.

Follow that 2-minute duo with burpee box jump overs, and it becomes clear to see why moving steady is key to a successful performance in this workout. It is all-too-easy to jack the heart rate, and very difficult to lower it again without dropping the rep scheme.

For those efficient with a rope, the double unders might be considered the easier of the three 2-minute windows, and going unbroken will obviously invite a longer rest before returning to the rower for the next round. Make no mistake, this workout is hard work.


About TAP Tuesdays

Each week, Libby Bearman of #TeamTAP will deliver workouts and training tips straight from the experienced coaches who make up The Athlete Program, a structured fitness training program created to help both seasoned pros and those new to competing reach their true potential in fitness.

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