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Progenex accelerates muscle recovery, growth, repair & strength. Your training produces results – so should your supplements.


    Fast Recovery. Improved well-being. Top Performance.

    The combination of Recovery, More Muscle and Eir CBD Oil No 6 allows the athlete to accelerate muscle recovery, reduce inflammation and soreness and enables high intensity training for sustained periods of time.

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    Optimal Recovery. Optimal Results.

    The combination of Recovery and More Muscle allows the athlete to accelerate muscle recovery reduce soreness and enables high intensity training for sustained periods of time.

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    Buy any two 30 serv Recovery flavours and get a 12 servs bag for free.

    Taken post-workout, PROGENEX Recovery helps your muscles rebuild and recover so that you can hit it hard again. And again. And Again. Overcome fatigue and restore performance with just one serving.

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    Fast Recovery. No more inflammation and anxiety.

    Recovery feeds your muscles with the protein they need to recover after a workout, while CBD helps reduce inflammation and pain, and diminishes stress and anxiety.

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    Take your game to the next level

    This bundle was specially created for those who want to increase energy and stamina before a workout and recover quickly after the worktout. You will be able to achieve new PRs and see your performance improve from workout to workout.

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    On your way to the top of the Leaderboard

    Your level of perseverance deserves to be matched by a nutrition plan that ensures you have the proper amount of strength and energy to reach your goals.

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