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Pro Pack Premium

Make each workout count

A combination created for those athletes that like to leave it all on the training floor. When you train hard, your nutrition can’t let you down. It’s time to make the most of each workout.

A combination created for those athletes that like to leave it all on the training floor. When you train hard, your nutrition can’t let you down. It’s time to make the most of each workout.
  • More Muscle - 30 serv.
  • Recovery - 30 serv.
  • Build - 30 serv.
  • Hype - 30 serv.

For those who truly love hard work

If you like working out often and you’re not afraid of high intensity, then this is the bundle you need. You’ll have your protein in place for a fast recovery, your carbs to keep your energy levels up and your BCAA to keep you focused and fight fatigue during or after your workouts. All you need to do is train hard and you’ll be able to get back to your next workout sooner, with your muscles restored.

More Muscle

PROGENEX More Muscle is a best in class quality product, specially created to build lean muscle mass, increase overall performance and wellbeing, while supporting fat loss. It´s pure, safe, gluten-free and the high-degree of hydrolyzed protein ensures fast absorption and no stomach bloating.

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PROGENEX Recovery is a great tasting post workout recovery shake that helps your muscles rebuild and recover fast so that you can train hard again and again. Recovery consists of a high Degree of Hydrolysis (DH) whey-isolate protein rich in di- and tri-peptides. The size of the protein molecules is crucial for absorption. By hydrolyzing the protein outside the human body you are optimizing delivery (so that it goes directly into the bloodstream).

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Not all carbs are created equal! BUILD is made of two natural carbohydrate sources – honey and sweet potato powder. The honey is mostly a simple sugar that will be delivered quickly into the muscle by the peptides, while the sweet potato powder contains a long chain of carbohydrate polymers which provide sustained energy. This allows the glucose to enter the bloodstream and deliver an optimal glycemic index for you throughout your workout.

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PROGENEX Hype is formulated to both quench thirst and fight fatigue at the source. A deliciously hydrating fruit drink, Hype’s Fatigue Fighter Peptides counter fatigue in two ways:

  • providing valuable energy to muscles
  • preventing central fatigue in the nervous system
While it’s no secret that BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) can aid in muscle endurance and energy, PROGENEX Hype’s Fatigue Fighter Peptides are high in what are known as LNAAs (large neutral amino acids) which have shown to reduce mental drowsiness and the perception of fatigue.

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How to use:

The directions are based on predictive estimates; this means we give you directions based on what our experience has indicated to us to be most likely to for each individual athlete. In case you follow our directions and do not experience the results you expect, we strongly recommend you to reach out to us directly to provide feedback and possibly change or update your plan to fit your desired outcomes. We are happy to conduct an individual assessment and provide you with a personal guide based on your desired outcomes.

Standard directions

Morning: 2 scoops of MORE MUSCLE
Workout:1 serving of HYPE during your workout and 2 scoops of RECOVERY after workout mixed with 1 serving of BUILD

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