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Taken post-workout, PROGENEX Recovery helps your muscles rebuild and recover so that you can hit it hard again. And again. And Again. Overcome fatigue and restore performance with just one serving.

This bundle is designed for you to make the most of your workouts with the help of our bestselling products. It contains:
  • Recovery, to get your post-workout dose of hydrolyzed whey protein
  • Force, to give you a solid pre-workout boost
  • Hype, to keep you properly hydrated during a workout
  • A smartshaker

RECOVERY: reset your “GO” signal and recover strong

PROGENEX Recovery is a great tasting post workout recovery shake that helps your muscles rebuild and recover fast so that you can train hard again and again. It’s pure, safe, gluten-free and the high-degree of hydrolyzed protein ensures fast absorption and no stomach bloating.

Superior Quality

High-DH hydrolyzed whey-isolate protein is the easiest to digest form of whey on the plan-et.

Great taste

Considered by athletes and sports enthusiasts the best tasting hydrolyzed protein in the market.

Fast & Trustworthy

Being rich in di-tri peptides allows more rapid and efficient absorption so you feel the effect in just minutes.

So, what makes Recovery so special?

Recovery consists of a high Degree of Hydrolysis (DH) whey-isolate protein rich in di- and tri-peptides. You may have heard about the more average whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate, but we use different types of whey protein and an isolate with the highest absorption rate. When you consume protein, it undergoes a process called hydrol-ysis, normally conducted in the GI tract (stomach and small intestine).

During this process the protein peptides are cut into small molecules allowing them to ac-tually be absorbed into your bloodstream so they can reach your cells and tissues. The smaller the molecules, the bigger the chances are for them to be absorbed into your bloodstream, thereby reaching the target cells. Unabsorbed protein is wasted.

This is why the size of the protein molecules is crucial for absorption. By hydrolyzing the protein outside the human body you are optimizing delivery (so that it goes directly into the bloodstream), which means more pure protein will reach your muscles’ cells and tissue, helping you recover faster.

Read more about science behind Recovery

How does it work?

Put simply, it works faster than other proteins and delivers more of the “good protein”. Pro-tein only has value if it reaches the target cells and tissue, where it is needed. So the only valid way to compare proteins is by considering the amount of protein actually absorbed into the bloodstream (because that’s the path to the muscles’ cells).

By consuming PROGENEX Recoivery, you effectively “save” your body from the hydrolysis process and help the protein get into your bloodstream. Furthermore PROGENEX is rich in di- and tri-peptides, which several scientific studies indicate as being the superior protein peptides responsible for enhancing recovery.

Read more about how Recovery works

How to use:

Taken within 30 minutes of your workout, PROGENEX Recovery gives your muscles exactly what they need to recover faster and stronger. Immediately after training, mix two (2) scoops of Recovery with 350 ml or 12 oz. of water. Shake until blended. It only takes a few seconds. Enjoy.

Tip: 4-5 ice cubes to your shake or use ice water to make the shake even more enjoyable.

Taste selection
If you are ordering for the first time and you like intense tastes go with Peanut Butter or Chocolate - they are the most popular ones. Remember that you can test other tastes by ordering single servings

Force will improve every workout

Progenex Force is the only pre-workout supplement built around clinically effective dosages of the best scientifically validated ingredients that help you take your training and performance to the highest level, with no side effects or after crash.

Scientifically proven

Only the best premium scientifically proven ingredients to maximize your body’s ability to train harder and longer.

Great taste

Comes in 3 amazing flavours, better than any other pre-workout you’ve ever tried.

Works instantly

Just one serving of PROGENEX Force and you will feel the benefits in your workout immediately after.

What makes Force better than other pre-workout supplements?

Force uses only the best scientifically proven ingredients. It is a pure formula, with a number of known effective ingredients, without being heavy on stimulants. This makes FORCE the finest pre-workout product that is specifically created to maximize your body’s ability to train harder and longer, so that you can get the most of each workout.

All ingredients in PROGENEX Force have been shown in studies to:

  • increase your energy, strength, stamina, clarity and mental focus
  • maximize your ability to train harder, longer by fueling muscles and blocking fatigue pathways
  • optimize your performance through increased blood flow, oxygen transport and the delivery of key nutrients during training

All of the above is made possible by our proprietary Surge NOS Activator ™, our carefully calibrated nutrients (Creatine and 2:1:1 BCAA Peptides), our anti-fatigue ingredients - L-Citrulline and Beta-Alanine, and our low dose addition of caffeine.

Read more about science behind Force

How does Surge NOS Activator™ work?

Surge NOS Activator™ is an isolated concentration of key whey peptides that enhance nitric oxide production in endothelial cells. Unlike some NO products, the mechanism of action in Surge NOS Activator™ is different in that we don’t simply just add more amino fuel, such as arginine, to support NO activity. Surge NOS Activator™ actually switches on the enzymatic pathway to utilize your own amino acids to start the NO response.

Just one serving of PROGENEX Force and you will feel the power Surge, enabling you to experience increased blood flow, increased oxygen transport and extended VO2 max. You’ll also feel your muscles fuel up as two ingredients course rapidly through your expanded arterial walls, delivering strict muscle fuel before, during, and after your intense workout.

Read more about how Force works

How to use:

Mix one (1) packet of PROGENEX Force with approximalty 350 ml of water and drink 10-15 min prior to workout. Lightly agitate until blended. Enjoy.

Tip: 4-5 ice cubes to your shake or use ice water to make the shake even more enjoyable.

Taste selection
All tastes are good and popular, if you are looking for inspirations check what our athletes choose. Remember that you can test other tastes by ordering single servings

Fight Fatigue at the Source with Hype

PROGENEX Hype can help you fight the fatigue that’s been holding you back, while increasing mental clarity and sharpening focus.

More than BCAA

PROGENEX Hype includes leucine, isoleucine, valine, as well as tyrosine and phenylalanine.

Hydrating while fighting fatigue

Enhancing endurance, improving performance, and seriously intensifying focus, without the use of stimulants.

Fatigue Fighter Peptides

A low-calorie drink, high in LNAAs (large neutral amino acids) which have shown to reduce mental drowsiness and the perception of fatigue.

Not Your Average BCAA Blend

PROGENEX Hype is formulated to both quench thirst and fight fatigue at the source. A deliciously hydrating fruit drink, Hype’s Fatigue Fighter Peptides counter fatigue in two ways:

  • providing valuable energy to muscles
  • preventing central fatigue in the nervous system
While it’s no secret that BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) can aid in muscle endurance and energy, PROGENEX Hype’s Fatigue Fighter Peptides are high in what are known as LNAAs (large neutral amino acids) which have shown to reduce mental drowsiness and the perception of fatigue.

Read more about science behind Hype

How does it work?

When you engage in physical activity, your brain uptakes an amino acid known as tryptophan. Elevated tryptophan concentrations accelerate brain serotonin synthesis, making you feel tired before your body is actually spent. PROGENEX Hype works by supplying effective levels of LNAAs that ultimately ‘compete’ with tryptophan and prevent its uptake into the blood – consequently reducing levels of brain serotonin. Studies show that these Fatigue Fighter Peptides with high levels of LNAAs support a reduction in perceived exertion and mental fatigue during exercise while improving cognitive performance following the workout.

During training or other sustained periods of exertion, serotonin levels in your brain often spike, resulting in an increased perception of fatigue. To combat this effect, PROGENEX Hype includes Fatigue Fighter Peptides which provide LNAAs (large neutral amino acids). These components can inhibit serotonin synthesis which has been shown to reduce your perception of exertion and mental fatigue during exercise, helping you go harder, longer. In short, Hype can support your fight against the fatigue that’s been holding you back and help increase mental clarity and sharpen focus – all without the use stimulants.

How to use:

PROGENEX Hype is a daily or intra sport hydration supplement formulated to fight both thirst and fatigue associated with physical exercise.

Use it during your workouts to hydrate or in the middle of the day when you’re tired.

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