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Taken post-workout, PROGENEX Recovery helps your muscles rebuild and recover so that you can hit it hard again. And again. And Again. Overcome fatigue and restore performance with just one serving.

Set the Quantity on 1 to receive 2 boxes of Bars. Set the Quantity on 2 to get 4 boxes, etc.
  • body optimizing meal replacement
  • each BAR contains 14g of hydrolyzed protein, 18g net carbs, and 12g fat
  • designed to burn fat

High quality, best taste

THE BAR can be used as a body optimizing meal replacement. Each BAR contains 14g of Protein, 18g Net Carbs, and 12g Fat. That translates to an easily accessible 2 Blocks of Protein, 2 Blocks of Carbohydrates, and 8 blocks fat. The block system was designed to balance the intake of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. It is a great option for both elite athletes, as well as everyday people looking for weight loss.

Great composition

Each BAR contains
14g of Protein,
18g Net Carbs, and
12g Fat.

Great taste

Choose among 4 great tastes

Fast & effective

Being rich in hydrolyzed whey, it guarantees fast absorption so you feel the effect in just minutes.

Why The Bar is better?

THE BAR not only helps build and maintain muscle tissue, but is also designed to burn fat. Regular protein bars neglect protein quality, but THE BAR contains Symetrym™, a revolutionary hydrolyzed whey protein and trace mineral complex combined with CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). These two powerful ingredients found in THE BAR have been shown to increase endurance capacity and lean body mass while reducing body fat.

How does it work?

CLA, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, is safe, natural, and can positively affect body composition.

CLA is naturally found in a variety of whole foods, but not at a level required to improve body composition. Eating THE BAR 1-2 per day, provides a significant dose of CLA. There is conclusive evidence from studies that CLA improves body composition by reducing fat mass, improving fat-oxidation and increasing lean body mass. CLA also has been shown to reduce the side effects from a low-calorie diet, reduce inflammation and improve endurance.

Studies have shown that Symetrym™ allows for a greater preservation of lean muscle. One particular study followed two groups – one group was taking Symetrym™ while the other group was not. Both groups reduced their diet by 500 calories but the group taking Symetrym™ lost substantially more body fat and showed a greater sustentation of lean muscle when compared to the others.

How to use:

1-2 BARS as needed for a snack or meal replacement

Tip:THE BAR can be consumed at any time, but we recommend popping the chocolate bars in the refrigerator when they first arrive and then storing them at room temperature. Don’t worry, it’s not a safety issue – we just want the chocolate to reset for you in case it got soft in transit. Enjoy!

Taste selection
All tastes are great, just choose the one that tempts you the most.


Are there any side effects of this product?
No, Recovery consist only of the highest and best ingredients available, produced at world leading facilities. No GMO, nasty additives or blends.
I have a lactose intolerance - can I use this product?
Yes, Recovery is lactose friendly and cause no stomach bloating.
Can I mix it with BCAA? Is it needed?
Yes, you may, but you cannot replace Recovery with a BCAA product. Recovery´s tiny peptide sequences (di and tri peptides) of amino acids have a superior effect in muscle recovery.
What is the difference between PROGENEX and other brands of hydrolyzed whey?
Most brands use the lowest degree of hydrolyzation in their products just to label it as hy-drolyzed whey. We use only the highest degree of hydrolyzation and we constantly work on making it higher and more effective. Furthermore, PROGENEX Recovery only consists of 100% hydrolyzed whey isolate and not a blend with other cheaper sources of protein. Last but not least, our unique flavouring techniques allow us to produce a product that nor only works but also tastes great.
Using it is enough or should I mix it with other products?
Depending on your goal you may mix PROGENEX with other product to reach you results faster. Try our GUIDE and find the bundle that suites your individual needs, and get a per-sonalized guideline.
How fast should I notice the difference/effect?
Recovery works in just minutes. You may feel the wellbeing immediately and less fatigued.
Is it worth the price compared to other protein supplements on market?
We believe it is, but it’s hard to speak for others. When talking about value it’s a personal question of ones financial considerations.
Just remember when comparing proteins that it’s the amount of protein absorbed that’s really of interest rather than just the amount you consume. Its all about quality – you may compare it to grocery shopping; some might go for the cheapest discounted cost of grocer-ies, while others value the quality of food and taste.
Or just like some might choose the cheapest globo gym nearby, filled with bad equipment and no personal assistant, while others go for quality training with basic movements and personal relationship. It’s the same with nutrition. By choosing Progenex you settle for nothing but the best.

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